Transitioning To Promethean

Based on results gathered from the District’s recent technology survey, teachers believe a standardized classroom configuration is needed. Interactive whiteboards (IWB) are a key technology to be included in this configuration. 

The District recently drafted and published a RFP for the purpose of establishing the direction of interactive whiteboard (IWB) technology. Two major objectives were included in the scope:

  1. Provide the District with a sustainable and cost effective solution for maintaining IWBs, including support items such as bulb replacement and general preventive maintenance.
  1. Identify a single IWB product and vendor that can partner with the District as part of a standard classroom configuration model.

The RFP committee was a cross-functional team with representatives from Curriculum, Operations Support and Purchasing as well as input from several classroom teachers.  With the process now complete, the Purchasing website reflects the new direction for IWB purchases.  Smart Technologies’ products are no longer offered, only the Promethean products.  IWB training and support programs will be updated to support this change.

Available interactive devices include tables, whiteboards with unified projectors, and interactive projectors.  The Purchasing website includes frequently asked questions (FAQs) and a decision matrix to guide consideration of these two new offerings as related to the transition to Promethean.

A significant improvement has been made for dealing with replacement bulbs.  Those for the white board projector will now cost$99 and interactive projector bulbs will be included on an exchange basis at no cost.

Both Smart Technologies’ and Promethean’s products will be available in the short term as TPS evolves to the single IWB product. 

Thank you for your continued patience and support as technology solutions are offered to further improve the District.

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